Facts and Misconceptions about Test Automation

Facts and Misconceptions about Test Automation

Test automation should be a tool that speeds up manual testing processes, reduces costs, and increases quality. Unfortunately, unplanned and unprepared attempts to switch to Test automation fail and lead to loss of time.

For this reason, it should be noted that test automation is not a process that completely eliminates manual tests and reduces resources to 50%. Manual testing processes are indispensable for our software product and always need to be reviewed and reviewed by human eyes.

An effort to automate all test scenarios!

Another misconception is the effort to automate all test cases. We do not have an obligation to automate everything. Dynamic scenarios may occur and the effort to automate these scenarios may cause additional burden and time loss for us and not achieve the desired results. The fact that test data or modules are dynamic, constantly open to change, or the need for integrated systems can increase maintenance costs in our test scripts and reduce test coverage.

Before starting the test automation;

  • Determination of modules to be automated,
  • Determining the most tested and repeating test scenarios,
  • Creation of test data,
  • In which environments and devices the tests will be run,
  • Separation of test data of test, pre-prod, and prod environments

We should find answers and solutions to your questions that may affect our test automation processes, such as test automation processes, and make our preparations accordingly. These processes will help us achieve clearer and more accurate results in automation.

As I mentioned in my article above, test automation will be successful when it is used as a tool to increase quality and when preparations are made within a plan in this direction. If you have ongoing test scenario repetitions, if you need to run the same tests on different browsers or devices, if you have a large number of test scenarios, you can start the test automation tool selection and activate your team in this direction.

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