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Hybrid mobile app testing with real iOS, Android and HarmonyOS mobile devices

Test your hybrid mobile app across a range of real iOS, Android, and HarmonyOS mobile devices.

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Critically important for test and development teams to have devices that are frequently preferred by the target audience.

Spending huge budgets to put these devices together in your in-house device lab, keeping track of their updates, and maintaining them? It makes it complicated to focus on performance and stability. Don’t waste your time and use your budget smart.

cover your real conditions with real mobile devices m live momentum suite
Choose your real mobile device

Cover your real conditions with real mobile devices

M-Lab is a secured and ready-to-use farm whenever you need it before starting your test.

All mobile devices are real. Not emulator or simulator.
Wide range of real device coverage including iOS, Android and HarmonyOS.
Work on cloud or on-promise.
Manage your hybrid mobile app testing

Manage your hybrid mobile apps with your app library

Install and start your hybrid mobile app testing for internal or external testing.

Pre-installed with Google Firebase, TestFlight and AppGallery.
Supports IPA, APK and AAB files.
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Start your test

Your hybrid mobile app testing on the latest devices

Test your mobile app even while working remotely or hybrid with zero physical devices.

Test as if you're holding it physically.
Interact with your mobile device. Tap, scroll, zoom and more.
Take quick action and share issues with your stakeholders.
Work together

Simplify teamwork for every stakeholder

When you want to test your hybrid mobile app with people, you will be doing that in email, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, screen sharing, etc. Instead, offer a powerful way to them by allowing real-time actions on the same real devices.

Give your stakeholder control of the same device with you.
Manage your participants on your session.
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Some of the features used most

As of 2022, mobile device usage has increased and is expected to continue. So we care about your test effort and pay attention to what you care about.

Manage and Upload Apps
Test on Real Environments
Suitable for native or hybrid mobile apps and mobile web testing.
Advantage of Capabilities
SIM Card, Network throttling, and more.
Manage Real Devices
Take screenshots, rotate devices, keyboard usage, and more.
Manage Platform
AD Login and LDAP integrations, user management, IP whitelisting.
Access Logs
Easy access to device logs and network activities.
Manage users in accordance with the company’s security policies.