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Effective mobile bug hunting & usability testing

The easiest way of issue reporting is just to shake your mobile device

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Choosing the right strategy can save your resources and precious development time. Crowdtesting is one of the outlined testing strategies.

M-Beta is an all-in-one SDK for crowd testing, that minimizes the issue-reporting steps for your developers, testers, and beta users. Would you like to follow dozens of bugs or issues transmitted by hundreds of people just by shaking their phones, on a single screen?

Create and manage your projects

Create different types of projects and manage them

Easy to start by uploading your apps.

Unlimited projects.
Unlimited test scenarios.
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Android Installation

1. Install the Capture package from Maven repository

2. Add Capture implementation on app module gradle file.

implementation ‘com.mobven.capture:library:1.0.4’

3. Init Capture on your application.

iOS Installation

1. Add MobvenBugKit to your project through SPM repository.


2. Import MobvenBugKit in your AppDelegate or SceneDelegate file and initialize

MBKReporter.start(withAppSecret: {APP SECRET}, appId: {APP ID}, projectId: {PROJECT ID}, for: [.shake, .screenshot])

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SDK integration

Implement our developer-friendly SDK

Integrating this developer-friendly and lightweight SDK takes only 15 minutes.

iOS & Android supported.
Ready to start

Issue reporting by shaking your mobile phone

Turn your issue reporting routine into a game. M-Beta automatically:

Takes screenshots and video recordings.
Generate automation scripts.
Records user-based step-by-step operations and more.
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Check your reports

All issue reports on one screen

All detailed reports of the issue are visible to the developers in seconds. Even on your Jira.

Detailed device and crash log for each issue.
Detailed device info.
Assigning reporter for each issue.
Highlight any mistakes by taking notes and drawing.

Some of the features & capabilities used most

Test and report directly from mobile devices for effective and traceable error and feedback reporting

Developer Friendly
Access devise & crash logs
for each issue.
Easy to Integrate
Installation and implementation
are up to 15 min.
UAT & Exploratory Testing
Get feedback from your target audience before the release.
Crowd Testing
Find bugs & issues before your customers do.
Make Easier with Jira
Detailed reporting to the world’s most used issue management tool.
Centralized All Issues
Monitor Android & iOS issues or change requests from one place.
Version Based Testing
Grouping the version-based issues of iOS & Android applications.
Easy to Report
Auto-generated screenshot & video recording by shaking the phone.