Career Q&A with Nikita Parajapati, Business Analyst

Career Q&A with Nikita Parajapati, Business Analyst

Baris Q1: Tell me a little about your career path

Nikita I joined my first company as a trainee QA engineer and after 6 months of extensive QA training, I have started working as a QA engineer. My job was to perform different types of testing, prepare test cases and scenarios, and test reports. As I got promoted my work role changed gradually. Along with performing testing, I was responsible for giving the training sessions to the freshers, leading the team, and some other managerial tasks as Sr. QA engineer. Then after I joined Tecstub as A QA engineer. I have worked there as a BA, team lead, and QA lead.

Baris Q2: What does it take to be a great software tester?

Nikita Being a QA or software tester I think the first thing that came into my mind is patience. But there are many more things that are needed like communication, analysis skills, and eagerness to dig deep into requirements.

Baris Q3: What do you think has made you successful thus far?

Nikita I would like to say the patience and my eagerness to explore, learn and implement the changes in the process.

Baris Q4: What advice do you have for people who want to become software testers and advance in their careers?

Nikita As a tester one needs always think out of the box to achieve better quality scales. Good communication skills as it is very important to a tester to convey their thoughts in a meaningful and simple way.

Baris Q5: What were some of the key breakthrough moments in your career?

Nikita I think the key breakthrough moment in my career was the pandemic when we all have to work from home. A totally new work culture with lots of challenges in work life and personal life too. This has changed my perspective and my entire vision as a QA.

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