Integrate Momentum Suite Automate with Gitlab

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A. Introduction

Momentum Suite Automate provides a good experience for those who do not have enough software development knowledge. However, in some cases you may need to develop steps, in this case, you can use your favorite IDE using GitLab integration support.

B. Configuration

1. Login to Momentum Suite Automate and go to the Settings page.

login to momentum suite automate

2. Under the Integrations tab, click the GitLab icon.

image 38

3. After clicking, a pop-up gives you information about the integration, comes up. Click Integrate on it.

4. Fulfill your HostUrl. (For cloud edition please type )

5. Fulfill your AccessToken. For cloud edition please generate and get your personal access token from this URL “

6. Personal access token generation:

  • Name: momentum
  • Expires at: 10 years
  • Scopes: Check ALL permission levels
  • Click Personal Access Token

7. Fulfill your Master Branch name. For cloud edition please type “main“. But some on-premise versions may still have the default branch “master”. In this field, write what the default branch name is when you create a new GitLab repository.

image 39
image 40
image 41

In order to make GitLab integration, you need to make a change in your current project or create a new project. Adding a new Step or reordering steps is necessary for the creation of the new GitLab project.

It may take a few minutes for your new private repository to be created on GitLab.
If your Momentum Project’s name is “myproject” and your platform is “Android”, your private repository name will be “Momentum_myproject_android“
If you use (Java, CSharp, JS, Python, Ruby) programming languages in your project, a separate branch is created for each used language with Momentum SDK. Please check out your code branch to start development or debugging.

C. In Summary

  1. Integrate your MomentumSuite account with your Gitlab account as mentioned above.
  2. If any step code is changed or a new step is added, you will see that it is created if you do not have a Momentum Gitlab project.

This is our IP address and domain. /

We expect Gitlab integration to run smoothly when access is authorized from the above IP.

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