Built-in mobile inspector and script recorder

Easily record your test scenarios step by step just in a browser

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Define Capabilities You Need

Define Appium capabilities easily

How you want your test to work, set the default values as you wish.

Inspector & recorder based on Appium.
Already pre-defined capabilities.
Custom capabilities such as fullReset, noReset, locale, language, autoGrandPermissions, autoAcceptAlerts etc.).
Managing specified capabilities on a web interface.
cover your real conditions with real mobile devices m live momentum suite
Start recording your scenarios

Pick a real mobile device from M-Lab which is our device lab

Install your apps on real Android & iOS mobile devices and record your test scenarios.

All mobile devices are real. Not emulator or simulator.
Wide range of real device coverage including iOS & Android.
Work on cloud or on-promise.
Take advantage of the capabilities

Inspecting and debugging your mobile apps

Select elements via clicking on them in the screenshot or XML source.

Designed to work with iOS & Android apps.
Interact with elements such as Click, SendKeys, Clear.
Clicking by coordinates.
Test out your own locator strategies.
Translate your actions into code samples

Recording test scenarios in 5 different programming languages

Start and stop “recording” mode, which translates your actions in the Inspector to code samples you can use in your scripts.

Record your scenarios with Java, JS, C#, Python & Ruby.
Redesign your step definitions.
Write your custom scripts.

Some of the features and the capabilities used most

An inspector for mobile apps and more, powered by Appium. Built-in Recorder with no installation. Ready to use with M-Automate.

Ready to Use
No server or client installation requirements.
Natural Gestures
Tap, SendKeys, Swipe by coordinates, and much more.
Manage Your Code
View or edit the step code and add custom code if you need it.
Increase Your Environment
Recording the scenarios with 5 different programming languages.
Start & Stop Recording
Translates your actions in your app to code samples.
List of Suggested Elements
Element locator strategies and selectors to be used in your scripts.
Preview Automation Script
Inspect your recorded whole script with a built-in code editor.
Review your App Source
Inspect your Android or iOS app from its XML.